Online Reputation Management for Basketball Players

Andre Drummond Detroit's #1

Andre Drummond Detroit’s #1

Reputation Management and Online Presence Building Leads to More Endorsements

Managing a professional basketball player’s reputation consists of two components. Creating and marketing an identity, and protecting that desired profile. Individuals that invest in internet marketing that includes reputation management benefit from enhanced public relations, exposure and a following to make their post-playing career successful with more lucrative endorsement deals. Sophiastar provides reputation management, public relations and online marketing for active professional athletes like basketball players and retired athletes to maintain celebrity status and increase business opportunities to maximize earning potential.

Social Media, Fan Pages, Wikipedia Pages, and Other Organic Online Content

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook create many online followings among fans across a multiple generations and various backgrounds. A successful social media campaign can generate publicity and provide excellent opportunities for promotions, for both active and retired players.

Crisis Management and Damage Control

When a client experiences a controversy it takes experienced internet marketing that incorporates online reputation management to protect professional athletes and retired athletes from harmful reviews and negative content that could otherwise damage reputations and hurt athletes’ opportunities for lucrative contracts and endorsement deals. Sophiastar specializes in all forms of social media and online damage control using powerful networks of organic content generators.

A professional basketball player’s web presence is a powerful component of public relations. How an athlete is represented on the web will influence his popularity and determine how he is perceived by fans, industry professionals and businessmen affiliated with the sports industry. Creating websites, social media accounts and a network of blogs and press releases will attract attention and bring positive results.

Lebron James: Will he leave the HEAT?

Lebron James: Will he leave the HEAT?

The Hall of Fame and Protecting Your Legacy

If a negative posting on the web is connected with your name, it is going to influence recruiting management and adversely harm your potential for endorsements and other post-career endeavors such as Hall of Fame election. Our online reputation management service will protect you from libel and false accusations, while simultaneously enhancing your reputation with positive content that accurately reflects your character and athletic ability.

Agencies representing basketball players are greatly enhancing their investment and potential return by taking charge of their client’s investment. Professional athletes have a right to protect their legacies online and ensure a more prosperous career upon retirement.

Reputation Management for Basketball Players: High-Profile Athletes, Retired Athletes, Collegiate Athletes Looking to Land Contracts

Basketball players are frequently attacked online and misrepresented by the media, competitors and individuals with an “axe to grind”. The Internet has numerous forums to publish content in the form of manipulated photographs, defaming slander and libel and all kinds of negative content with the intent to hurt. Reporters are notorious for stalking celebrity sports professionals, creating false accusations and digging up dirt to create a negative buzz of media interest.

Sophiastar provides state-of-the-art reputation management services for all types of high-profile sports industry professionals, including college level athletes looking to turn pro, retired athletes looking to maintain celebrity status for endorsements, and pro ball players interested in keeping up their game and taking advantage of endorsement deals.